Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Planning Committee and St Helier

Today I attended the public meeting of the Planning Applications sub-committee to support a request for reconsideration in respect of the Broad Street cafe. The proprietor and his architect have asked for planning permission to enlarge the serving hatch as the present one is simply too small to meet his operational needs. Admittedly the montage of the larger hatch wasn't too attractive, and this is a listed building, but all the same, the permitted (small) hatch was inserted as part of the conversion of the building from Victorian toilet to modern cafe, so the request to enlarge it seemed reasonable enough to me.

So, which elected members compose our Planning Applications sub-committee? Some rural constables and some out of town deputies - not a single member from the Parish of St Helier, of which there are eleven in the States Assembly. Last year the committee turned down a request for a pavement extension to allow some more al fresco in a part of town that needs every bit of extra retail vibrancy that it can get; and today they turned down, unanimously, the request to make a minor change in a cafe serving hatch.

Thanks, guys!