Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't shade your eyes, plagiarise!

The new community market that kicks off this Friday in the Town Hall has been plagiarised from St Lawrence, so thanks to Constable Deirdre Mezbourian (pictured). Last year I was taken up to the St Lawrence Parish Hall to see their monthly market for myself and decided that we need one of those in St Helier. We are starting out with bric-a-brac and car boot type stalls, but if it's a success we will copy St Lawrence further and provide food. Unlike our western cousin, we don't have parking on the doorstep, however, which is a problem both for the stall holders and would be visitors. Given that there is so much empty space in Sand Street car park for most of the time, it begs the question why that car park can't be changed to allow folk to park for more than the 3 hour maximum. I will take this up with the Minister of TTS as people frequently tell me that they can't attend functions in the Town Hall as the nearest car park prohibits them from staying for long enough. Which seems pretty daft. Meanwhile, we are exploring how we can increase the capacity of the Parish-owned car park at Lempriere Street, as if the Town Hall had a decent sized off-street car park we could provide much more in the way of community markets and the like. Anyway, come along on Friday 9 March between 10am and 2pm and snap up a bargain.