Monday, November 16, 2009

Car alarms

A minor nuisance, no doubt, but am I the only person who objects to the fact that during wind and rain hypersensitive car alarms go on in the middle of the night? After all, what is the justification for having your car alarm enabled in Jersey anyway? What evidence is there that having a car alarm deters car thieves, and how does the comfort a car alarm confers weighed up against the nuisance they create when they go off at 3 and 4 and 5am? I would be interested in knowing how easy or difficult it is to disable the thing, and whether legislation exists elsewhere to tackle this.


Anonymous said...

Surely there is noise disturbance legislation that can be used if it happens repeatedly?

voiceforchildren said...


I would be more interested to know if there is legislation in place that prevents our government from illegally suspending Police Chief Officers.

I'm sure car alarms are a serious problem to some people but they don't ruin lives, reputations and careers quite like illegal suspensions do.

Credit to yourself for the support you have given Mr Power. I'm sure myself and others would like to know what you know about this sordid and ghastly affair?

Beep beep!

TonyTheProf said...

Whenever I hear a car alarm going off, I never think "burglars", just that it is a dratted car alarm. There are so many false positives that they are useless.

I think if they go off and disrupt the sleep of neighbours, repeatedly, there would be grounds of a complaint of nuisance.

Simon Crowcroft said...

Yes I should probably have done a blog to mark the anniversary of the suspension of the Chief of Police, a politically motivated act imho which could and should have been avoided by the previous Minister of Home Affairs, and which the current Minister could also have brought to a speedy conclusion. However, I was interviewed by Voice for Children and said what I wanted to say, and as that interview has been put on youtube I didn't see the necessity in repeating my comments on the Parish of St. Helier website.

Reference the youtube interview, I've had one critical (anonymous) email taking me to task for my views and indicating that I've lost the vote of that particular constituent. Well, I'm sorry about that, but I happen to think that States of Jersey employees deserve better than the treatment meted out to Graham Power this past year, and if it costs me votes to say so, so be it.

Suspension should not be used as a form of punishment, and I'm afraid, that's what's happening here. Suspension should be carried out in order to protect the employee body and the organisation, so perhaps someone (even the anonymous poster?) could enlighten me precisely how the security of the organisation (in this case, the States of Jersey police) would have been compromised by allowing the Chief Officer to remain in post while an investigation was carried out into his supervision of the Haut de la Garenne police operation.

voiceforchildren said...


The whole suspension procedure needs reviewing.

How is that our most senior Police Officer can be so swiftly suspended because of some alleged irregularities in an investigation. Yet a Senior Civil Servant in our Education Department can have a notice of disclosure served saying he/she is being investigated as part of the "historic" Child Abuse Investigation and still remain in post?

Unless you are able to give me this answer perhaps it is a question you can take to the States for me?

Anonymous said...

On this interview alone you have gained my vote

Anonymous said...

Constable, as a resident of St.Helier I'd like to know why you don't show the same concern for dealing with the screaming and shouting drunks who disturb the peace in the Val Plaisant area until almost 4.30am every weekend?

Do we need to start hanging car alarms around their necks to get you to take the problem seriously?

Anonymous said...

The Jersey Human Rights Group's 1st AGM is on Monday 23rd November.
Any members of the public are welcome to attend if they are interested in promoting Human Rights in Jersey and we would welcome the Constable of St Helier too.
Assemble by King George's statue at 5.30pm and Deputy Bob Hill will let us all into the States Building.

Anonymous said...

VFC asks a very good question. How can it be the civil servant doesn't get suspended and the chief of police does. Are you going to answer that question constable or will you ask it in the states?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster about drunks being worse than car alarms.

Car alarms in high winds are an accident. Drunken yobs do it every week on purpose.

Also, this is far too trivial an issue for you to waste your time on. Keep up the pressure on the Power case - I wish you were Chief Minister for that youtube video alone.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a view on the Report on Senator Syvret?

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am surprised that you have taken such a stance on this Haut de la Garenne issue when coupled with the appalling behaviour of Stuart Syvret and his treatment of people on his blog I would of expected you to stay clear. My thoughts of your objectives in the States is now some what clouded, but you lost my vote anyway when you lied at the hustings about standing down for an all Island Vote.

Anonymous said...

Constable Simon Crowcroft,

Is it not about time that you put your foot down and led the other States Members out of the complete mess that they are getting/got themselves in.

As you well know everything and everyone is being recorded for the sake of history.

Do you really want to go down as one of the bad guys?

You know what is going on and you have been recorded as knowing so.

Now is the time for you to take the lead before its too late.

We need a worthy Chief Minister, its between you and Le Marquand but because of recent events the moneys on you.

The time is right Constable.

Anonymous said...

my Suggestion,
It would be so simple to stop the car making a noise by disconnecting the hooting device, usually the car alarm has its own hooter, just take one of the connections off it then only the lights will flash if it goes off.
P.S. check the normal car hooter still works in case you got the wrong one :-)