Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Planning Committee and St Helier

Today I attended the public meeting of the Planning Applications sub-committee to support a request for reconsideration in respect of the Broad Street cafe. The proprietor and his architect have asked for planning permission to enlarge the serving hatch as the present one is simply too small to meet his operational needs. Admittedly the montage of the larger hatch wasn't too attractive, and this is a listed building, but all the same, the permitted (small) hatch was inserted as part of the conversion of the building from Victorian toilet to modern cafe, so the request to enlarge it seemed reasonable enough to me.

So, which elected members compose our Planning Applications sub-committee? Some rural constables and some out of town deputies - not a single member from the Parish of St Helier, of which there are eleven in the States Assembly. Last year the committee turned down a request for a pavement extension to allow some more al fresco in a part of town that needs every bit of extra retail vibrancy that it can get; and today they turned down, unanimously, the request to make a minor change in a cafe serving hatch.

Thanks, guys!


thejerseyway said...

Hi Conetable Simon Crowcroft.
What do you expect, as long as out side Deputy's & Conetables can vote for something that may be good for St Helier & that you back,it wont get though.
You go against the way. Sorry The Jersey Way. When you back propositions that will bring out the truth. As in supporting the Chief of Police.
I must admit I was against that cafe & the moving of the Taxi's, but it has worked well. So I take my hat off to you for backing it & making it happen. So if the cafe needs a bigger hatch so be it as long as it is in proportion.
Is there anything you can say about the ACPO reports that have come out into the public domain & also the leaked email that has been mentioned. As there is the possibility of Data protection crime been committed, so it should be investigated & seen to be investigated as I'm sure it would of been if it had of been Senator Stuart Syvret.

Anonymous said...

So do you want an un-biased planning process or not?
It's all vry well for Town Deputies and the St Helier Constable to lobby for or against any planning propsal - but would it really be fair for people with a prejudice (for or against) to sit on the panel?
Of course, if you are suggesting that all country reps have an inevitable bias in favour of their own patches and against the Town, then that would be quite startling!!! It might be justified - but it would still be startling.

In practise, the Planning process is supposed to exclde those with a bias from taking part in making decisions and if you or your deputies have a particular view would it be proper to take part in the decision making?

C'mon now - think of the wider implications - or are you finally waking up to the reality of decision making in Jersey where the Ghetto dwellers will always lose out to the cow worshippers in the country parishes.

Simon Crowcroft said...

I am not saying that the Planning panel should be entirely composed of representatives of the urban parishes but just one would be nice!

Anonymous said...

Name and shame! It's not an official secret who's on the committee :)

Anonymous said...

When you consulted on the converstion of the toilets into a cafe, did you explore the possibility that instead of a cafe, you might end up with a glorified sandwich kiosk instead? I have seen the plans and that is what this would have amounted to. There are already a variey of sandwich bars in the area and that is fine, but I for one was expecting a cafe with street ambiance - something a bit different. The applicants existing business "uptown" is fine in that setting and in fact makes lovely sandwiches, but it is not right for the broad street hub. Also what about the impact on the other established businesses? This was the right decision, IMHO

AA said...

We want your seat challenged now in the next elections. Get somebody new in who can actually smell a rat when one is about. Not some air head who rubs shoulders with people like Graham Power. Some of your recorded public statements about him in the run up to this Wiltshire Report are actually unbelievable. You are just not good enough for the job Mr Crowcroft, your mind is not clear enough.